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March 4, 2020.  This is the day we made a trip to the PA Dept of Education in Harrisburg. Here we attended the new school orientation seminar.  On this day our very long application process began.



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CHEERS!  August 2021.  Our application has been APPROVED. Cornerstone Dental Assistant Academy, LLC is officially licensed by the PA State Board of Private Licensed Schools. 
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Here we are at our first public speaking event. Thank you to Curtis Crandall for inviting us to a Fortune Management training university day. 

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We are marketing our program within different avenues daily.  From the local newspapers, social media, and visiting local high schools.  

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Mission of Mercy is an event held all around the country every year.  This event is for those individuals that need dental care and will receive treatment at no cost.  


Here we are attending a job/trade school/college fair. If you know of one we can attend please let us know!

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We've Moved!  As of December 2023 our school has relocated due to the continual growth of our program.  We are now located downtown Washington, PA.  We have a classroom for lecture and have re-created 2 dental operatories with the same dental equipment in which you will use in your day to day as a dental assistant. 


Congratulations to these four ladies!  They are continuing their education to become an EFDA (Expanded Function Dental Assistant).  As instructors of the program, we want our students to know what the future possibilities are for growth as a dental assistant.  We are so very proud of these 4 students and the dedication that they have decided to endure to continue their growth and knowledge of the dental field! We are rooting for you all! 


Congratulations to Cristal.  She has been accepted into the PITT Dental Hygiene program.  Cristal expressed how she knows that her base knowledge of dentistry is going to be a HUGE benefit to her as she enters the dental hygiene program.  We are very proud of you Cristal, and look forward to where your future will lead you! 

We now have TWO locations!
Our second location is at 1554 Mileground Road Morgantown, WV!
Thank you to Dominic Raymond for hosting this second location.  Classes are this location are every Wednesday 930-500!

Sign at SHDA.jpg

Our first marketing sign! Our school location is at South Hills Dental Arts, Upper Saint Clair.  This is one of four locations of SHDA.  We are beyond grateful for their support in hosting our program at this office location. 

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