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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you offer an EFDA program?     NO

2. Is your program offered online?     NO

3. What is your tuition to attend your program?     

Tuition cost is $4,400.00.  This includes everything you need except the required uniform, which is navy blue scrubs.

4. What will I be certified to do after attending your program?     

At the end of our program our students are awarded with a Certificate of Completion.  This indicates you have successfully finished our course of study.  

5. Does the program teach radiology in order to prepare for the DANB exam (Dental Assistant National Board)?   

Yes, our curriculum includes this information to prepare for the DANB exam.  It's required by law that as a dental assistant, PA, you must be radiology certified to take dental xrays in an office.  

6. How can I pay for my tuition?     

Tuition can be paid in full or in house payment arrangements can be made.  A required downpayment of tuition is $2,200.00, with then the remaining balance paid with a weekly or biweekly payment plan.  In house payment arrangements can be discussed with John and Amanda.  Payment plans and credit card transactions are subject to a surcharge of 3%.

7.  Can I use a credit card for my tuition payments?     

Yes. Credit card transactions can be made.  There is a 3% credit card fee for each time a credit card is used for payment.  

8.  What is the dress code for class?

Navy blue scrubs are required. No prints. Closed toe shoes, such as tennis shoes. No sandals. No crocs. 

9. Do you provide dental services for patients?     

We do NOT provide dental services. We do NOT fix dentures.  We do NOT extract teeth.  We do NOT perform any restorations.  

10.  Do you offer classes for dental hygiene?     

NO.  Although if you are waiting to get accepted into a local dental hygiene program.  Our program would be greatly beneficial to you. As you would then enter the hygiene program having great dental knowledge already.  

11. Can I use credits from your program to utilize in another program?     

No.  Cornerstone Dental Assistant Academy, LLC is not an accredited program.  We are licensed by the PA State Board of Private Licensed Schools. 

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