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Starting week six you will be required to begin an externship at an approved dental office.  This will be a total of 60 hours.  This is designed to give students additional hands-on training that they would not get in a classroom setting.  You will develop practical skills and become more comfortable while working on patients.  The externship office will ensure that each student will receive 60 hours of training.  The student will work directly under the supervision of a licensed dentist and their staff.  This will give you valuable experience while assisting the doctor chairside, being involved with sterilization, and learning x ray techniques.  It will be the student’s responsibility to communicate with the office in assisting with a schedule that can accommodate the student and office.  The externship hours will not be fulfilled on school days.  The externship hours must be fulfilled Monday thru Thursday not to interfere with class time.  Your externship will be a pass/fail grade.  The student must receive a “pass” grade on their externship in order to graduate from the program.  Relocation or travel may be necessary to obtain your desired externship or employment. Proof of reliable transportation may be required.  The externship office does NOT guarantee employment once the externship hours are fulfilled.  If you choose a specialty office (endodontist, orthodontist, periodontist, oral surgery) you will be REQUIRED to work 30 hours with the specialty office and 30 hours in a general dental office. 

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Are you an office reading this? Are thinking you would accept a student into your office as an extern. Please email us and we will provide you with the agreement you need to sign. 


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