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Amanda Newhouse, EFDA

Amanda has always had a love for dentistry. Even as a child she knew she would follow that interest upon graduating from high school.  She attended Westmoreland County Community College and graduated from the dental assistant program in 2002.  She then furthered her education to become an Expanded Function Dental Assistant in 2013.  Over the years of her career she has worked in various offices from oral surgery, a state prison, corporate dentistry, and a small private practice.  She has dedicated herself to continuously learning about the many changes in the dental field.  She enjoys teaching and helping fellow dental assistants to be the best assistant that they can to be a great asset to their office.  She is determined to make a difference in the dental community with training great assistants. 

John Hatfield, Jr.


Being an average student most of his life, John had little to no direction as his high school career was coming to an end. His father was an aircraft mechanic for the U.S. Air Force and had suggested that he take the ASVAB test to see where he could place in the military as an occupation. Testing high in the medical field, John’s only request to the recruiter was to help him get a skill set that he could use outside of the military. After much debate, they both agreed that a dental assistant was a safe choice to start his career.  Once back in the civilian world he was to start over again applying at various dental offices. He landed a job at his first of three corporations. In between there John would also work full-time at a private practice. Through all of these endeavors, he studied not just how dentistry worked but the business aspect of it all as well.

Now twenty five plus years later, he works at a VA hospital in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. and for the past few years shared his insights and tools with fellow dental assistants from all over the world through social media. One of the co-founders of Dental Assistants Worldwide, John thrives on helping others whether it’s about daily office struggles or how to take the perfect impressions, he truly believes in paying it forward and leaving your mark for the good of the world

Our Core Values

Inspire Smiles

Teach Balance

Passion for growth

Value Responsibility


Our Mission

Our mission at C.D.A.A. is to provide precise training for our students to enter into their career path as a dental assistant.  We pride ourselves in creating passionate and qualified employees that hiring dentists value the most.  Our curriculum is taught through hands on training and classroom lectures in a professional dental office setting.  Our students are taught by dental professionals with significant experience and who are eager for our graduates to succeed in their future endeavors.  We believe a dental assistant is the cornerstone to a successful dental practice.

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